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To order prints, please email info@mbwoodphotography.com.  Below are details regarding the studio and shipping/payment info. 

Michael B Wood

Michael Wood is a photographer and producer of various documents such as books and videos on topics that he works with and studies. He regularly collaborates with individuals and organizations across creative disciplines. To work with him please contact him on info@mbwoodphotography.com. To follow him as he creates his world renowned photographs please follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

Michael Wood is an individual and has not branded his name or set up a company under his title. He holds licence over his own name (Michael Wood or Michael B. Wood or similar variants) as the mark under which he trades. His name should therefore not be used fraudulently or inaccurately. Known perpetrators of this kind will be dealt with through legal channels. Should you become aware of any improper use of the name Michael Wood (or Michael B. Wood or any similar variants) please inform us at info@mbwoodphotography.com.

This website

This website serves as a portfolio for the photographic work of Michael B. Wood. All the content on this website is the property of Michael Wood and should in no way be used without his express permission. To find out about any of the photographs or other products on this website, please contact info@mbwoodphotography.com.

This website also functions as an e-commerce store, which according to the discretion of Michael Wood or any of his representatives, can be periodically removed, updated or otherwise. For questions related specifically to topics regarding purchasing/shipment/replacement or otherwise of any of the products displayed on this website please see other sections of this FAQ or if you have further unanswered questions email info@mbwoodphotography.com.


Your privacy is our utmost priority. All information gathered via newsletter subscriptions and/or payment transactions is kept absolutely secure and is never passed on to third parties for any purpose. Should there ever be an occasion to use your information for a purpose other than originally stated, we will invite you to opt in for this (an example of this, is to partake in a petition or charity benefit of some kind). 

Instagram Prints

Prints advertised on the Instagram feed of Michael Wood are sold on this website for a limited time period. In general, these prints are not limited editions. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authentication. Michael is a master printer, and creates each print individually himself. The sale and shipment of these prints only occurs within the advertised time period, which is subject to change at any moment. To be informed of and to partake in these sporadic sales, follow @mbwoodphotography on Instagram.

Instagram Disclaimer: In no way does Michael Wood or any of his representatives partake in funded dealings or advertisement partnerships with Instagram. The use of the social medium is by independent association and is used as a communication and education medium.


Payment is accepted electronically via Paypal, an internationally trusted internet based secure payment merchant. 

To use Paypal you do not need to have an account.  You can simply use a credit card. When making use of the Paypal payment option on this website, you will be redirected away from this website to the Paypal website. On completion of the transaction, you will be returned to this website. We take no responsibility for loss of connection due to factors such as faulty internet, nor intervention of third parties who may have hacked the line.

We do not accept any cash payments.

Note: should you wish to pay via an EFT, please take up direct contact with info@mbwoodphotography.com


The default postal option for all purchases is the United States Postal Service. In selecting the United States Postal Service we cannot guarantee the arrival of the package if the item is not tracked. If you would prefer guaranteed, tracked delivery, please choose Priority Mail. Our experience is that parcels sent with the US Postal Service DO reliably arrive.

Timing for shipment

Please note that all prints are made to order, shipment time is therefore dependent on printing completion timing. The utmost effort is taken to make sure this process happens as speedily and efficiently as possible. However, if there are delays with the process, you will be notified immediately. Typically, the turn over period is 3-5 working days.  

If you have chosen USPS Priority Mail, the document will arrive in 1-3 days within the US and 6-10 days to many international locations.

Lost of damaged parcels

We do not accept responsibility for lost parcels. To the best of our knowledge we take every precaution that we can to package the products in such a way that they are safe from being bent, scratched, pierced, damaged by water or any other kind of physical damage that may occur in transit (save for fire). 

We do not accept responsibility for damaged parcels.


Each product is created specifically for you, it is a bespoke product. We therefore do not accept returns.